Biltong vs. Jerky: The Meat Showdown
We get it - biltong and beef jerky share some similar characteristics.
Both were created by our ancestors as a sort of survival food - to preserve meat and stop it from spoiling on long journeys. Jerky originating in the Americas and biltong in South Africa. Whilst both are dried meat foods, that’s about where the similarity ends. So, let’s slice through the juicy differences.

Drying Drama: Picture this—jerky struts onto the scene, gets sauced up, and hops into a hot oven for a quickie dehydration session (think 70ºC). It’s like speed dating for meat. But biltong? Oh, it’s the slow-burn type. Whole steak, simple spices, and a leisurely air-drying process (20–25ºC for 4-7 days). Result? Biltong’s got that soft, natural swagger.

Flavor Fandango: Biltong dives into a vinegar-and-spice pool, then waltzes out for a manual seasoning dance. Spices high-five! Jerky? Well, it’s more like a sugary marinade disco, followed by a “cooked” oven groove.
So there you have it: biltong—your health-conscious, flavor-packed partner in snack crime! Your abs will thank-you.

Biltong vs. Jerky: The Nutritional Showdown
Let’s break it down, shall we?

Nutrition duel: Biltong struts in with little to no sugar, low carbs, and half the sodium of most jerky’s. Mic drop. Plus, it’s got more protein and those healthy fats. Keto or carnivore crew, take note!

Taste Check: Biltong wins the flavor Olympics. It’s like the James Bond of dried meats—natural, suave, and oh-so-“beefy.” Jerky? Well, it’s like the over-processed cousin who hangs out in sugary sauces complete with hangover.

Our choice: Biltong Over Jerky?
Why, well let’s rewind the clock first.
Southern African Roots: Being from their it is like our OG snack. Cut my teeth on it literally, so familiarity huge.

We the North: Fast-forward to Canada—a land of hockey, skiing, hiking and definitely …not enough biltong. For good reason, the process of curing, seasoning and air-drying beef into a snack without cooking first had not been officially approved in BC till we jumped through the hoops.

Jerky Jitters: Sure, beef jerky’s around, but finding the healthy stuff? Improving yes, but still like spotting a unicorn. Most jerky is packed with preservatives and sugar. Not our jam” At Beef Bru Biltong we want to bring you biltong you will love, minus the junk. Because life’s just too short for bland snacks.

Drumroll......and the clear winner is BILTONG!