At Beef Bru, we select premium AAA Canadian outside round beef, resulting in exceptional taste and texture every time. Our process starts with giving the beef a thorough makeover prior to cutting it into 18-20mm steaks.

But the real party begins when we give those bad boys a wild vinegar bath! Then comes the real deal; our secret blend of traditional South African spices! We work it into the steaks, then let them chill for 24-36 hours allowing the flavours to infuse the meat.

After the curing bonanza, we double skewer those now-flavour-packed steaks, hang them up in an air-controlled unit and let time work it's magic. For quality control we monitor PH, airflow, temperature, humidity and water activity along the way. That transforms those cured steaks into some tender, mouthwatering biltong that’s out of this world!

Finally, it’s showtime – we slice them up, bag and heat seal them in our triple-layer barrier pouches which makes our biltong shelf-safe for at least 3 months.

This is regularly validated through lab testing. Now they are set for delivery.