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Picture this: the mid 1600's when pioneers roamed the wilds of Southern Africa, they weren't jet-setting or cruising in fancy cars; nope, they were rolling on ox-wagons! And what fueled these rugged explorers? Beef, my friend! But here's the twist: they didn't have fancy fridges or Uber Eats. So, how did they keep their beef bounty fresh for their journey? Well, they sliced, cured, spiced and air-dried their meat. Thus biltong was born and that tradition lives on today.

Now, my love for biltong doesn't date back quite that far. My journey started back in the swinging 60s when I was just a wee lad, growing up on a farm in then Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Biltong captured my heart and taste buds from the very beginning!...Now, because of my love of biltong, I’ve come to a decision. It’s time to share my passion with all of you and bring this extraordinary experience into your lives and taste buds.So, welcome aboard this biltong journey, where taste and tradition, come together. And hey, let's have some fun along the way.

My mission is crystal clear: to craft biltong that's both delicious and healthy - a perfect but rare combo!

When it comes to taste, we're unwavering in our commitment to the original biltong flavour, sourcing the finest spices from the heartland of biltong, South Africa. For our fiery Chilli Biltong, we've "bru-d" up our own blend of chilli and peppers - keeping things simple, yet sensational.

Now, let's talk healthy - we're all about it! Our biltong stars are none other than top-notch Canadian AAA or Angus beef. No need for added sugar, sauces, smoke, preservatives or carcinogens; we want to keep it natural, just original spices, chilli's and peppers.

But safety first! We take preservation seriously, bagging the biltong in heat sealed, triple-layer barrier pouches complete with oxygen absorbers. This guarantees it is kept fresh and secure as validated by our lab certified, three-month shelf-life. No need to refrigerate until you open it. As a small batch producer, we've got your back with frequent shipments, ensuring your biltong arrives promptly. For your larger orders, $120 or more, we offer free shipping or personal delivery in British Columbia.


    Though Zimbabwe stands landlocked in Southern Africa its rich commodity base and hard-working labor force once earned it the title of being the continent’s breadbasket. But oh, how times have changed! Today it ranks amongst the world's three poorest, though you wouldn't know from the friendly faces that greet you.


    Locals affectionately call it Mosi-oa-Tunya, which translates to “the smoke that thunders.” Imagine billowing clouds of mist rising from thunderous waters—17 million cubic feet per minute—plunging into the abyss. If you’re venturing here, drop us a line. We’ve got the ultimate guide who’ll unveil every awe-inspiring angle.


    A natural haven for the Big Five beckons with world-class safari lodges. Picture this: nestled alongside Botswana’s Okavango, you can seamlessly switch between land and river safaris. Within a few hours’ drive, you’ll encounter lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalo. Planning a safari make Zimbabwe your canvas.


    In this humble nation I met a local artist who dropped truth bombs: “Desperation breeds creativity.” Their art bursts forth with colours, each stroke a testament to resilience. From canvas to street walls, they wield any medium at hand. Zimbabwe’s creative spirit is truly unmatched in my traveller's opinion